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Professional Wasp Nest Removal Service and Wasp Pest Control Melbourne

Wasp infestations are common in Melbourne, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. A wasp infestation near your home is a sure-fire way to put your loved ones at risk of being stung. Wasps aren’t generally hostile, but they will sting you if they feel threatened, and their stings are very painful. You don’t want to see your kid crying because he got stung by a wasp in your home. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to take care of your living space. That is why you should call Hilux Services, a professional wasp nest removal service, in case of an infestation. Trying to do a wasp hive removal by yourself after considering the high cost of wasp pest control in Melbourne is the most foolish decision you can make.

Professional Wasp Nest Removal Service and Wast Pest Control Melbourne

Types of Wasp Found in Melbourne

The common types of Wasps found in Melbourne are:

European wasps

European wasps, which varies between 12-17 mm, are aggressive stingers.

Yellow Jackets (Social Wasps)

They can repeatedly sting when provoked.

Common Wasps

They are identified as one of the most aggressive species among wasps.

Native Paper Wasps

With 35 different species, they are one of the diverse groups of wasps.

Mud Nesting Wasps

Commonly spotted wasps in Melbourne.

White-faced Brown Paper Wasp

Known to be pollinators, making them useful for the environment and beneficial to your garden.

Tree Brown Paper Wasps

Usually nest on the sides of buildings and inside hollow trees.

Sand Wasps

Usually nonaggressive but can attack if feel threatened.

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Types of Wasp Nests Found in Melbourne

The common types of Wasp nest found in Melbourne are:

  • Ground nest: They are home to ground-digging wasps. They are usually seen around homes and corporate buildings. The females will sting if provoked by humans.
  • Paper Nests: These are the most common type of wasp nest found in Melbourne. They are home to the European Paper Wasp and the Asian Giant Hornet. They build their homes near the gutters of homes and offices. They are also seen on the steps of porches or the undersides of tree branches.
  • Mud Daubers: Mud Daubers don’t generally sting people and are not considered a threat. They are more of a common nuisance on your premises. But in certain uncontrollable cases, it is essential to contact wasp control and removal services.

How to Identify a Wasp Nest Infestation?

The increase in wasps at your premises is the most obvious sign of a wasp nest nearby. You might be able to spot the nest.

Benefits of our Wasp Nest Removal Service:

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