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Hilux Pest Control provides safe and effective ant treatment services in Melbourne, using high-quality pesticides and other methods. While most ant species found in homes do not cause significant damage, they can still pose a threat. Protect yourself from harm by calling us for complete ant control in Melbourne.

 Ants are common household pests that can cause a nuisance and be difficult to get rid of. They can contaminate food, cause damage to buildings, and even bite or sting people or pets. We offer professional ant pest control services to help homeowners get rid of these pesky insects.

Our team of experts uses safe and effective methods, including the use of high-quality pesticides and other treatments, to eradicate ant infestations. We understand the importance of a pest-free home and are committed to providing superior ant control services to our customers.

Hilux Pest Control provides ant removal services for Melbourne residents. Applying specialist understanding to tackle this issue alongside powerful medications guarantees complete removal of the insect from residential and commercial establishments with enduring measures to prevent future infestations. Contact us today for a free quote and to schedule your ant pest control service in Melbourne.


Our Effective Ant Removal Melbourne Procedure

Hilux Pest Control offers a four-stage ant extermination procedure, including a thorough analysis of the infestation, to effectively eliminate all types of ant species from both residential and commercial properties. Our professional ant exterminators also provide guidance to help prevent future infestations. Trust us to control and eradicate ant infestations with our comprehensive approach.

Step 1

A Thorough Inspection

After scheduling an inspection, our pest control technicians will thoroughly examine your property to determine the level of ant infestation, identify the ant species present, and observe their behavior to effectively target the ant problem. 

Our comprehensive inspection includes checking all possible entry points, locating ants’ nests, determining the size of their colonies, and assessing any property damage caused by the infestation.

Step 2

Step 2

Ant Removal Treatment Plan

After the inspection, our technicians will develop a treatment plan tailored to your ant infestation, which includes selecting appropriate methods and products for ant extermination. We will provide you with a detailed procedure and instructions to follow during the process, including the cost of the entire ant extermination treatment

Our ant extermination treatment takes into account your property’s design and the extent of the infestation, ensuring that every corner is covered. We treat all areas, including roofs, gardens, patios, and more, to ensure comprehensive ant control

Step 3

Extermination Process

Once the treatment plan is finalised, our experts will execute the ant extermination procedure using a range of effective methods such as sprays, baits, dusts, gels, granules, and more. Our ant pest control Melbourne services are tailored to your specific needs, whether you are dealing with carpenter ants Melbourne or any other ant species.

Step 4

Ongoing Prevention Tips

Our pest control technicians will not only provide you with effective ant extermination treatment, but also give you valuable prevention tips based on the inspection. This is because a one-time control treatment may not provide permanent results, and it is important to take preventive measures to ensure that these unwanted guests do not return.

Why Should You Hire An Ant Pest Control Company?

Hiring exterminators for ants can help you avoid various problems related to ant infestations on your Melbourne property. Controlling ants in a timely manner can prevent damage to your property, avoid potential health risks, and maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your family or customers.

ants Control

Types of Ants We Control in Melbourne

Hilux Pest Control offers affordable ant control services and ant fumigation in Melbourne, even though most of the ant species in Australia are not harmful to humans and do not require pest control. If you are experiencing a large ant infestation on your property, our ant treatment options can help eliminate them. The major ant species that you can see in Melbourne are the following: Different ant species can attack your property and damage food and your belongings. Some of the common types of ants found in Melbourne are


Brown ants

black ant

Black ants


Argentine ants

brown ant

Coastal brown ant

Red harvester ants

Red harvester ants

Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant

These ants are relatively smaller in length, approx. 1.6mm and are usually light to dark brown in colour. They may bite and do not sting.

ghost ant

Ghost Ant

These ants are relatively smaller in length, approx. 1.6mm and are usually light to dark brown in colour. They may bite and do not sting.

Argentine Ant

Green Ant

These ants are quite larger in length, approx. 5-6mm. They have unique features, appearance, and odour. They have a metallic green head and a black body.

Argentine Ant

Sugar Ant

These types of ants come in several shapes, sizes, and colours. They can be 2.5-15mm long and have bright colours.

Argentine Ant

Black House Ant

These ants are shiny and black in colour. Another name for black house ants is Ochetellus. They are 2.4-3mm in length.

Fire ant

Fire Ant

These ants have a copper-brown coloured head and body, while their abdomen is of a darker shade. The queen ants usually grow to 1.59cm, while worker ants are generally 3.18-6.35mm long.

Argentine Ant

Singapore Ant

These ants are light brown in colour and have a little darker abdomen. They have a flat and blocky head. They grow not more than 2-3mm in size.

Argentine Ant

Coastal Brown Ant

These ants can be found in all suburban areas of Melbourne; despite their name, coastal brown ants. They mostly build colonies in buildings and garden areas.

Argentine Ant

Garden Ant

These ants are usually 4-5mm in length, whereas the queen ant can be grown to 15mm long. They have dark brown-black colour. Also, garden ants do not bite.

Argentine Ant

Bull Ant

Just through its name, you can get the idea that these ants look a little fierce and scary. Bull ants can grow to 18-20mm long. They are usually red or black in colour.

Ants are a diverse group of insects with varying habits and characteristics. Their colonies can range in size and are often able to access even the smallest openings in your property. Some species of ants are considered pests, and their infestations can be difficult to control without professional help. Each species has unique nesting sites, feeding preferences, and habits that require specialised treatments for effective ant control. Many pest ants live in permanent nests and rarely change their locations, making it crucial to eliminate the entire colony to prevent future infestations.

Why Do You Need Ant Exterminator Services in Melbourne?

Ant Prevention Tips

To ensure long-term results and prevent future ant infestations, it’s important to follow prevention tips in addition to hiring a pest control service for ants.

How To Prevent Ants Entering Your Property?

To keep these nasty pests away from your home or business requires an effective strategy. This will target all areas that are more likely to get ant attacks.

Ant Pest Control - FAQs

Yes, pest control can get rid of ants. After sealing and securing your property against ant infestation, your home/business is ants-free. It also includes gels, traps, baits, granules, and other ant extermination methods.
Ant exterminator cost in Melbourne is around $160-$550. It depends on various factors and will include inspection and treatment costs.
One of the best ways to get rid of ants is to use gel bait insecticides. Small balls of gel baits are placed in areas where ants are seen feeding or trailing.
Pest control companies use different methods and products to control and exterminate ants from the property. We use eco-safe methods to eliminate ants permanently.
It includes blocking holes and spraying insecticides around doors and windows. We use traps to exterminate ant colonies directly.
Yes, pest control can get rid of carpenter ants using the best and most effective pest management treatment.
Green ants are mostly controlled using granular baits. This method is highly effective as it will eliminate queens as well.
You need to take the help of a pest control professional for a long-lasting pest control solution. We will provide the best treatment to get rid of sugar ants permanently.
To eliminate ghost ants, baiting is the best method than spraying. We use all effective methods to eliminate the entire colony of sugar ants.

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