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Beetle Pest Control Services In Melbourne

The little black beetle, also known as the cockroach, has many names. The most popular names for it are black beetle, black bug, water bug, water cockroach or Asian cockroach. Regardless of the name, the little black beetle is extremely harmful to your household. It does its damage by defacing your property, spoiling your food, making your household restless at night, spreading bacteria and spreading air borne diseases. If you are having problems with this pest, here are some tips on how to deal with them.

Pests and insects are a huge problem for homeowners and commercial building owners alike. Thankfully Melbourne is home to many beetle pest control service providers and they can help you get rid of these nasty critters and keep them from coming back.

Beetle species Found in Melbourne

There are about 20,000+ species in Australia, however, the most common species found in Melbourne are;

Christmas Beetle

These insects are best found in forests where they can easily reach trees and land. They are known to attack household goods and smash windows.

Eupoeciles Australasiae

This species of insect can fly well without using its front wings. They are known to eat nectar flowers and to invade your home and ruin the environment.


This species is common in Australia. This species contains 5 species, Eupoecila Evanescens, Eupoecila Australasiae, Eupoecila Inscripta, Eupoecila Intricata, and Eupoecila Miskini.

Calosoma Schayeri

This species is easily adapted to various climatic conditions but is most active during the rainy season. It is known to cause a great deal of frustration in areas with bright light.


This type contains 7 types. Their body is oval and shiny while their color varies according to type.

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Signs of Beetle inhabitation

There are some signs that your home is infested with ants, but some of them are easy to miss unless you know what to look for. Take a look at these seven most common ant-infestation symptoms to see if you need to call a reputable insect control specialist.

Risks Of Beetle Infestation

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