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Hollow wooden furniture? We can fix it. If you have a borer infestation in your home or business, you need to enlist the help of an experienced pest control service. We are a growing insect control business based in Melbourne, Let us help you get rid of these pests quickly. We are the experts you need for effective control treatment. Borer is a nightmare for anyone who builds their furniture out of wood and uses wooden furniture. Is your wood furniture dull? Looking for treatment with borer pest control in Melbourne? We know how much you value your furniture and wood products, and we know how to ensure the highest quality for those with proven pesticide solutions. Our team of experts work with a range of borer control treatment services in Melbourne to assist local businesses and organisations with their pest control requirements.

Wood Borer species Found in Melbourne

Australia has several types of borer with specific characteristics, and they cause different levels of damage to wood furniture and goods. When it comes to Melbourne, your furniture can be attacked by the following types of borers:

Anobium borer

Anobium boreholes are commonly found in Baltic furniture products, but they do not attack hardwood lumber. These soft wood drills for small nail holes in the planks.


Australian Wood Borer

The borer attacks both softwood and hardwood as long as the wood is moistened, rotten or has a fungal infection. They form large 3-inch holes in the wood and lead to the wood being damaged.

Borer Control

Lyctus Borer

The borer injects into the edges of the wood, architraves, and skirtings, and forms holes of pin size. It is rare to attack pine and solid wood products.


Wood Weevil

Similar to Australian woodworkers, weevils attack both soft products and solid wood products. However, they can only attack wood if they are infected with any wood rotting mold. The borer creates circular holes that are spasmodically separated, and can also attack nearby wood products that are not affected by moisture decay or moisture.

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Signs of Borer inhabitation

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