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Moth Pest Control Treatment In Melbourne

Moths are seemingly harmless insects that cannot harm humans directly. However, it can cause spoilage of stored food and textiles such as wool, wool, and even skin. Moth Control in Melbourne is hard because spotting moths in the dark interior of cabinets, pantries, and wardrobes, where they breed and grow, can be highly challenging. Infection with moths is destructive and concerning as flour mills and bakeries lose a lot of money each year. Not anymore! Orbit is here to help you.

Orbit is a leader in guiding and removing the moth in Melbourne. We deal with all harmful moths, whether at home or in the workplace.

Moth species Found in Melbourne

Some of the major and common rodents pests found in Melbourne’s households are listed below:

Angoumois grain moth

Indian meal moth

Mediterranean flour moth

Warehouse moth

Clothes moth

Case-bearing clothes moth

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Signs of Moth Infestation

Even if you only see one or two months, these moths can lay eggs in your dry clothes or hatch in them.

Causes Of Moth Infestation

It is common knowledge that most moths have a natural attraction to light. It is not uncommon for homeowners to watch these insects gather in large numbers around outside lights or windows at night.


It is important to understand that not all moths are naturally attracted to light. As soon as these insects enter their homes, they are attracted by several products and several locations.


The attractions are usually those that can serve as a source of food and the attractions are those that are dark and hidden where they can lay their eggs. Food sources include – but are not limited to a wide variety of varieties, nuts, various spices, flour, and chocolate. Many moths are attracted to clothing and textiles made from animals.


Areas, where moths may congregate to lay eggs, are close to pipe fittings, under equipment, cracks and other dark and isolated areas.

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