At Hilux Pest Control, our experienced specialists have several years of expertise in delivering the most efficient flea pest control solutions in Melbourne, and we are committed to creating a clean and healthy environment for residents and businesses in the area.

Are you worried about a surge in flea numbers at your property and searching for effective and modern flea treatment methods to safeguard your home? Do you have concerns about the potential health risks fleas pose to your pets and want reliable flea infestation treatment?

We offer tailored flea treatment services to our customers, taking into account factors such as the type of flea, the level of infestation, and other relevant parameters.


Our Flea Control Melbourne Procedure

Our comprehensive flea pest control service at Hilux Pest Control involves a four-stage process, with our technicians possessing extensive experience in end-of-lease flea treatment in Melbourne. We prioritize the health and well-being of your loved ones and are committed to meeting your flea control requirements while considering the surrounding environment.

Step 1

Flea Control Inspection

At Hilux Pest Control, we respond promptly to your request for flea control, arriving at your property at the agreed-upon time that suits your schedule. Our experts conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business to identify any factors that could be attracting fleas to your property. 

We prioritise creating a healthy and hygienic environment, with our flea control specialists identifying the level of infestation, the species of flea, their behaviour, and attack patterns, as well as checking for bites on your pets.

Step 2

Step 2

Flea Control Treatment Plan

After conducting a detailed inspection, we develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to your property’s specific needs to effectively control the flea infestation. This plan outlines the complete treatment process, including the schedule, expected outcomes, and more. 

We maintain transparency throughout the treatment procedure and provide regular updates at every step. Our experts specialise in controlling and eliminating all species of fleas using the latest products and methods, and we are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 3

The Extermination Process

Upon gathering information about the type and level of infestation, we proceed with executing a suitable treatment plan using safe, environmentally friendly, and approved flea control methods and techniques. 

Our experts use flea fumigation and flea bomb methods to eliminate fleas from your property. We prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and surroundings and use safe insecticides to kill adult fleas, eggs, and larvae during the extermination process.

Step 4

Ongoing Prevention

We understand that long-term results require ongoing prevention strategies even after the flea control treatment. We advise our customers to maintain a clean and hygienic environment by regularly mopping their properties to reduce flea infestation. 

Our flea control technicians provide expert advice on preventive measures to take after the treatment to ensure long-lasting effects.

Flea Pest Control Cost Melbourne

The cost of a one-time flea control service typically ranges from $99 to $350, including inspection and treatment, depending on factors such as the property type and the severity of the infestation. Additional sessions may be necessary for more severe cases. On average, flea fumigation in Melbourne costs between $90and $700, with larger properties potentially incurring higher costs. Whole property fumigation may also be available, depending on various factors.


Is Flea Treatment Necessary?

Fleas can bite and cause itchy rashes and allergic reactions in humans and pets, and can also transmit diseases such as tapeworms and typhus. Additionally, fleas can quickly multiply and infest your home or property, making it difficult to control without professional help.

Why Choose Hilux Pest Control For Flea Control Melbourne?

Hilux Pest Control in Melbourne has a high standard of service and a proven track record of satisfied customers. They use safe, effective, and approved pest control products and methods, and their certified technicians are highly trained to identify and address the root cause of flea problems. Clients can trust Hilux Pest Control for effective and suitable flea treatments.

Type of Fleas Found in Melbourne

If your pet is persistently scratching any part of its body, it’s important to check for signs of flea bites and take immediate remedial action. Some of the common varieties of fleas in Melbourne are as follows:


Cat Flea

The most common flea species in Australia typically targets rats, dogs, and other mammals, with its primary host being domestic cats. It has a reddish-brown hue, measures between 1-2mm in length, and infrequently bites humans.


Dog Flea

While they share a similar appearance with cat fleas, dog fleas are less common and tend to target a broader range of mammals, with a particular focus on domestic cats and dogs.


Human Flea

In recent decades, human hygiene standards have led to decreased numbers of human fleas, which are less common than dog and cat fleas. These fleas tend to target several other mammals, such as pigs, rats, mice, domestic cats, and birds.

Flea Control Prevention Tips for Long-term Results

Just going with pest control treatment is not the only solution for the permanent eradication of pests. If you are dealing with a flea infestation, you need to follow some prevention steps to avoid future infestation threats. Some of the effective ways to prevent fleas in and around your property are:

Following these prevention tips can help in reducing the chances of flea infestations, but if the infestation has already occurred, it is recommended to seek the assistance of professional flea pest control services in Melbourne to ensure effective and long-lasting eradication of fleas.



Yes, pest control can kill fleas, whatever the level of the infestation. Using chemicals to control and eliminate fleas is not the sole solution for the situation. Effective flea control treatment depends on using a combination of methods and techniques. We work closely with each client to eliminate fleas permanently from your property.

Our flea pest control Melbourne process includes:

A thorough inspection to locate and identify all possible flea sources is conducted inside the outside of the property.

  • We use pest growth regulators to hinder the normal development of these nasty creatures, from eggs to adult fleas.
  • We use vacuums to remove all kinds of fleas from furniture, carpets, bedding, and other belongings on your property.
  • We also use carpet cleaning equipment to wash and dry your pet’s bedding. This works great in killing fleas that attack your pets.
  • It is recommended to get rid of fleas on your property using professional flea control treatment and other physical methods. Make sure to use vet-approved products for your pets.

The flea pest control cost in Melbourne varies with the severity of the situation. It also depends on other factors, such as size and type of the property, the type of flea species, etc. The treatment methods and the insecticides for flea control can also increase the treatment cost. 

When you notice flea infestation in your home, just call us and share all details and your needs. We will provide the obligation-free instant quote.

Specialties of Hilux Fleas Pest Control Service for Homes in Melbourne:

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