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Rodents are a blight upon your peaceful and happy home. They cause diseases and are a sore sight at your homes. Whatever popular movies and cartoons have led you to believe with their cute and funny looking mice, rodents need to be removed lest they cause significant damage to your health and property.

It might be easy to assume that you can remove rodent infestation on your own. Still, it is always better to hire professionals to do the job right. Hilux services offers Rodent and Rat removal service in Melbourne. 

rodent removal cost start from $200 AUD

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Here are a few reasons that warrant hiring a professional from Hilux Services for rodent removal and exterminator in Melbourne instead of doing it yourself:

Types of Rodents in Melbourne:

Rodents are characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisor teeth in the upper and lower jaws. They are a diverse order of mammals and can occupy a variety of terrestrial habitats, including houses. The common types of rodents that pester households are:

Black rats

Brown Rats

House mice


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Signs of Rodents inhabitation

The common signs that alert you to their presence are:

Diseases Spread by Rodent

Apart from just being irritating pesky little things, rodents are responsible for carrying various dangerous diseases. The diseases transmitted through rodents include:

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