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Unable to focus on work due to lack of sleep at night, owing to a nasty infestation of bed bugs? You are not alone. Most people all over Melbourne have experienced cases of bed bugs, causing havoc in their daily lives with their painful and itchy bites. Bed bugs cause a great deal of mental and physical discomfort and disrupt the working order of life. In these cases, Hilux Services comes highly recommended for bed bug treatment in Melbourne as bed bugs are not easy to spot.

Sometimes people assume doing simple bed bug heat treatment by themselves is enough to solve bed bug problems. However, in most cases, bed bug control requires a bed bug specialist.

Our team consists of skilled and well-experienced specialists who conduct a thorough bed bug inspection to discover the root of the problem. Then, we will suggest the best bed bug treatment required and do the job quickly and effectively. contact us for any type of pest control services in Melbourne

Bed Bug species Found in Melbourne

Before you start researching on how to get rid of bed bugs australia, you should be able to identify the insects. There are two types of Australian Bed Bugs that feed on human blood!


Cimex lectularius is a common bed bug that eats humans, bats and birds. These types identify objects with a relatively high body temperature. Humans are the masterminds of these insects.


Cimex hemipterus is a tropical bed bug infestation commonly found in tropical areas. These bed bugs are illegal insects that live in the same area as their host. Hot bed bugs feed at night and can travel up to 60 feet to sleeping quarters.

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How to identify a Bed Bug Infestation & Bite?

Should I be afraid of bed bug bites?

Bed bugs can cause many health problems if left untreated. Here’s why you should try to get bed bug pest control immediately.

Where are all the bedbugs hiding?

Bed bugs in almost every dark corner of your house, including:

Why Choose Us for Bed Bug Inspection and Control in Melbourne?

Hilux Services is a one-of-a-kind service in Melbourne offering the best bed bug control and inspection services. Our services include:

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