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Do you notice pest signs on your house and want skilled, cost-effective pest control in Coburg? We are a well-known provider of complete pest control services in Coburg and other major Melbourne suburbs. Pest infestations are frequent in Coburg and nearby states’ business and residential properties. Pests such as cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and others attack homes and offices and create an undesirable living environment.

We pledge to provide appropriate pest control treatment with long-term benefits for your Coburg property, which means we establish plans to prevent the pests from returning. Our pest removal technique begins with a property inspection to determine the source of the problem.

We next develop a treatment strategy for effective execution. The extermination is then performed in keeping with the plan. Finally, we provide some prevention methods for property owners to follow to keep pests away for as long as possible.

Pest Disinfection

Our Pest Control Coburg Procedure

Hilux Pest Control treats pests seriously, which is why we never ignore what should never be neglected – signs of pest infestation. Another site may often maintain a simple pest infestation in the local neighbourhood. As a result, we make a great effort to follow our industry-standard verified approach to provide dependable pest control services.

Step 1

Pest Control Inspection

When you contact us of pest problems on your property, we assign a team of professionals to inspect it. During the evaluation, our professionals strive to identify the species of pest attacking your home, the amount of infestation, and the root cause of the infestation.

Step 2

Step 2

Effective Treatment Plan

Based on the collected data, we will create a personalised treatment plan that includes information on the treatment to be performed, the time required, the expected outcome, and many more.

Step 3

The Extermination Process

The following stage is to carry out the pest control treatment safely and effectively. We will carry out the treatment plan and aim to provide satisfactory results.

Step 4

Ongoing Prevention

After we finish the pest control treatment, we will also advise you on how to avoid the problem again. Our knowledge will be basic but helpful in keeping pests away from your beautiful property.

What Services Hilux Pest Control Offer in Coburg?

Fire ant

Ant Control Coburg

Ants usually are not dangerous until they choose your home, workplace, basement, or garden as a nesting site. If you are dealing with a major ant infestation, it is time to call Hilux Pest Control for complete ant control in Coburg. We deal with ant intrusion in all types of business and residential buildings.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Rat & Mice Coburg

Whether you have mice or rats in your Coburg home, they can multiply and make the environment more insecure. According to studies, rodents cause at least 35 major illnesses and can cause property damage. Moreover, to complete rodent extermination in Coburg, we will develop an ongoing strategic plan, seal the openings, and provide you with property care suggestions to reduce future infestation threats.


End of Lease Fumigation Coburg

When a contract ends, most people are worried about their security deposit. You are responsible for the overall maintenance and cleanliness of the apartment as a tenant. This is where our Coburg end-of-lease pest control service can help. Our end-of-lease fumigation Coburg service is affordable and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you in an emergency!


Spider Control Coburg

Are you looking for spider control Coburg to recover your property's healthy environment? To provide speedy spider treatment services, we have qualified and highly experienced teams of pest professionals in every district and suburb of the city.


Wasp Removal Coburg

Do you have wasps or wasp nests on your property and are concerned about your and your family's safety? We have qualified and highly skilled pest control professionals in every location of Coburg to offer wasp treatment services as soon as possible. We will quickly remove your property of wasps using specialised tools and modern approaches.

termites control

Termite Control Coburg

The two common types of termites found in Australian properties are dry wood termites and subterranean termites. Our termite control treatment in Coburg can make your property safe and reliable from termite infestation, whatever the termite species present.


Commercial Pest Control Coburg

Pest infestations in the commercial area can drive consumers away and cause a big shame for business owners. However, because most industries have hygiene and sanitation standards, such issues may result in regulatory action. Keeping all this in mind, we provide commercial pest treatment in Coburg. Our Coburg economical pest control team can provide fast services to restore the health of your property.


Residential Pest Control Coburg

Give your loved ones the comfort that they are safe under your roof by removing all pests. Hilux Pest Control employs knowledgeable and skilled pest management technicians that are capable of providing high-quality pest removal services. Our residential pest control Coburg treatments start from just $129! So contact us today to schedule an inspection!

Mites control services

Mites Control Coburg

Mites cause health concerns and create industrial damage. The allergy is triggered by dust mites in your home or business. We offer specialised pest control treatments based on the mite species you're dealing with and the level of infestation they've caused on your property.


Mosquito Control Coburg

In Australia, there are around 300 mosquito species. The majority of the species are more troubling and annoying than poison. We offer industry-approved, safe, and standard mosquito extermination services to prevent your home or office from becoming a mosquito breeding ground and to make your life healthy and free of mosquito bites.


Fly Treatment Coburg

If you've noticed an increase in flies on your Coburg property, it's time to seek professional assistance. We are the reputable and trusted company that has served countless homes and companies in Coburg and neighbouring suburbs with our industry-accredited fly removal.


Pest Control Near Me Coburg

Remove pests from your property and be a responsible neighbour and citizen. Having one bug infestation attracts another and vice versa. Hilux Pest Control's same-day services in the Coburg area eliminate the possibility of such events from the roots.

Moth Control Coburg

Is there an indication of a moth infestation in your pantry, kitchen, or cupboards? The bug will feed on your clothes, carpets, food, furniture, and other items. We will develop a customised pest management strategy to handle every part of the moth infestation, including the elements related to the infestation.


Beetle Control Coburg

Have you noticed an increase in the number of beetles in your house or office? Crawling beetles on your property is never a beautiful surprise. We take pride in our accurate service and depth of knowledge, which ensures the thorough eradication of various types of beetles from your home and business structures.

Pest Control Sydenham

Possum Removal Coburg

Do you suspect a possum infestation on your property and want to deal with it professionally? Do you need licenced possum removal in Coburg to protect your property from future damage? We are a team of highly trained, licenced, and professional possum catchers in Coburg who can provide you with a stress-free removal service for unwanted creatures.

silverfish control

Silverfish Treatment Coburg

A silverfish is a flying insect with scaly skin. Some silverfish species have adapted to human habitat, causing environmental health concerns. Once you notice evidence of a silverfish infestation on your property, contact Hilux Pest Control. We know to restore the healthy state of your business or residential property, no matter the area.


Flea Control Coburg

You can rely on us for flea pest control in Coburg. We use cutting-edge techniques and equipment and comprehensive analysis of your residential and business properties to eliminate fleas. Contact us today to experience the improved quality of life we offer by keeping your surroundings clean, healthy, and pest-free.


Bed Bug Control Coburg

Many people in Coburg have had sleepless nights due to bug infestations at some point in their lives. Welcome to Hilux Pest Control if you are seeking a high-quality bed bug treatment in Coburg that is both effective and affordable. We are well-known for delivering safe and effective bed bug control services to keep your property pest-free and healthy.

pest control

Why Choose Hilux Pest Control in Coburg?

  • We deeply understand pest species, nesting preferences, attracting factors, and pest elimination and prevention.
  • All of our products are Australian-approved and environmentally friendly.
  • We have a team of certified and insured pest exterminators who provide same-day pest control services to our valued customers.
  • We have a staff with vast knowledge in this industry so that you can expect the best services of pest control in melbourne at the most reasonable prices.

You can count on Hilux pest control for

Residential Pest Control in Coburg

We provide all type of quality pest control services for your residential property in Coburg locality. We do it with latest pest management technologies and safety first approch for residence.

We have pest control crew of experts and experienced peoples, providing services from years.

Commercial Pest Control in Coburg

We provide A to Z commercial, industrial and business property pest control services in Coburg.

Safety and hygiene is the first priority of the worplaces and so we do take care of all types of pest for you in Coburg and other melbourne suburbs.

Pest Control Cost - Coburg

Pest control services in Coburg cost between $129 and $700. This price varies according to property size, type, pests, and other factors. You can contact us for free pest control quotations to receive an estimated cost.

Useful Pest Control Tips

  • Repair cracks in walls, doors, and windows.
  • Attach screens on vents and chimneys.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Dispose of garbage on a daily base.
  • Cover the fruit bowl with a clean cloth or a food net.
  • Clean the hidden and moisturised areas in your home or business regularly.
  • Trim plants in the yard and garden on a regular basis.
  • Keep your kitchen countertop always clean.

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