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Mosquito bites are scary because they can spread disease. The sting is also painful and troublesome in daily life. Clean Co provides secure pest control services in Melbourne to protect yourselves from harmful mosquitoes all around your space.  With our pest control experts, and modern tools, our mosquito control services have established a reputation in the industry. We offer mosquito treatment programs that help our clients achieve their healthy living goals and eradicate unwanted pests from the space.

Mosquitoes species Found in Melbourne

There are 300 species of mosquitoes found in Australia. The most common mosquitoes are:

Aedes camptorhynchus

Aedes notoscriptus

Aedes vigilax

Anopheles annulipes s.l.

Culex quinquefasciatus

Culex annulirostris

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Signs of mosquito infestation

Risks Of Mosquitoes Infestation

Almost everyone in the world has been bitten by a mosquito. Although most species of mosquitoes are simply pests of mosquitoes, some species of mosquitoes transmit disease-causing germs. Of the many mosquitoes that still carry mosquitoes, no specific vaccines or drugs are available.

Causes of Mosquitoes Infestation

Wherever there is standing water, mosquitoes can thrive. The prevalence of mosquitoes increases during the monsoon season, which needs to be controlled. Moist, tropical conditions attract mosquitoes, giving them breeding grounds for mosquito-borne diseases.

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