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Pest treatment at the end of a lease or rental agreement is now a requirement for all leases or rental agreements. This is most common when there are pests on the land, such as dogs or cats. It is mostly carried out to provide a pest-free environment for the upcoming lease. Most rental agreements call for pest inspections to be performed before or after the property is leased to ensure that it is pest-free.


Before signing the Lease Agreement, make certain that you have thoroughly read everything. Cockroaches, ants, spiders, snakes, rodents, silverfish, fleas, and other pests should be covered by the agreement.

Are you seeking end of lease pest control services towards the end of your lease in Melbourne? Because it is part of the lease agreement, pest treatment is necessary once your housing lease has finished. Hilux Services provides great end-of-lease fumigation, end-of-tenancy, and end-of-lease flea treatment at inexpensive pricing to eliminate all types of pests from your rented house.

    Services for Disinfection

    Our deep cleaning disinfectant and sanitiser surface spray kills bacteria and protects surfaces in a simple and efficient manner. It kills odor-causing germs and prevents mold and mildew growth.

    The microorganisms on the treated surface will be destroyed by our Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray. Allowing the solution to dry coats the surface with a tiny protective coating that provides up to 24 hours of protection.

    Internally, the specialized deep cleaning disinfection solution may be used on buildings, structures, airplanes, trains, automobiles, and other modes of public transportation.

    It’s safe to use around kids, pets, and plants.

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    Spray Surface Disinfectant & Sanitiser

    Do you want to boost your office staff’s productivity while also preventing the development of general health conditions that might shut down your business?

    VIRI – DIS is the name of our Surface Disinfectant and Sanitizer Spray. It is simple to apply, long-lasting, non-leaching, and most importantly, safe for humans, dogs, and plants. Our Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray has no chlorines, bleaches, carcinogen or endocrine disrupting substances, and breaks down into harmless organic components at the end of its useful life.

    Keeping your workplace safe during the Coronavirus epidemic has become the most critical goal for any company.

    Deep Cleaning Services For Covid-19

    A COVID-19 deep clean done on the premises by a specialized deep cleaning and disinfection service provider is required for workplaces and locations where a confirmed COVID-19 case has visited.

    Our deep cleaning experts will do a preliminary examination of the places to be cleaned, identifying all areas where the suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case was during their infectious period. All high-touch areas will be cleaned clean to eliminate germs, dirt, and grime, and then fully disinfected with our deep cleaning disinfectant solution.

    Our thorough clean disinfection and sanitising service, in addition to normal COVID-19 cleaning efforts, can help you prevent the virus from spreading.

    Public And Private Vehicles

    Public and private transportation vehicles provide an ideal growing place for a wide variety of germs and microbes.

    When the air conditioning is running, the average transport truck may hold over 800 different sorts, which can quickly spread throughout the vehicle’s interior!

    Standard cleaning chemicals often evaporate within 5 minutes of usage, leaving your car open to recontamination and unprotected. Our Disinfect and Sanitize service not only cleans, but also protects against bacteria for a long time.

    Types Of Commercial Pest Control Services

    Hilux Services offer the best-in-class end of lease flea treatment services in Melbourne at desirable prices. We offer all kinds of pest control and removal services, which include the removal and extermination of: