Flea Pest Control In Altona

Flea Pest Control In Altona

Do you have a growing quantity of fleas on your property and are looking for innovative flea treatment options for your home? Do you have concerns about fleas endangering your pets’ health and seek superior flea infestation treatment?

We have several years of experience and experienced specialists at Hilux Pest Control to provide the most effective flea pest control in Altona. With our dedication to providing a sanitary, healthy environment for Melbourne residents and companies, we make a difference.

Our customers receive customized flea treatment services based on the type of flea, the extent of infestation, and other parameters.

    Major Flea Species

    The most visible flea species in Melbourne are:

    Cat Flea

    The most common flea species in Australia that attacks rats, dogs, and other mammals, but rarely humans. The flea has a reddish-brown color, 1-2mm long, and its principal host is domestic cats.

    Dog Flea

    Dog fleas have an almost similar appearance to cat fleas but are less common compared to the latter. They attack a wide variety of mammals, particularly domestic dogs and cats.

    Human Flea

    They are uncommon compared to dog fleas and cat fleas due to the increased home hygienic standards in recent decades. They usually attack pigs, dogs, rats, mice, domestic cats, several other mammals, and birds.

    If you see that your pet is constantly scratching any part of the body, you should check for any flea bites and begin remedial action.

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