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Ant Control In Northcote

Ants play a crucial part in maintaining the natural balance, but they can also be a nuisance to people, invading our personal space.

Are you dealing with an ant infestation and looking for ant removal services to safeguard your property, food, and yourself? 

Hilux Pest Control Northcote would like to welcome you to our website. For residents and businesses in Northcote, we are the go-to source for ant pest management. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners and businesses protect their health and wealth with modern ant removal pest control techniques and high-quality services.

    Ant Species We Control

    More than 4000 ant species are found in Australia, and most of them don’t harm humans or never show up in human habitats. Therefore, these ants are technically not pests and do not demand the need for any ant fumigation and control.

    However, if a large volume of ants are crawling all around your property, Hilux Pest Control Northcote offers ant treatments and ant control services, and if need be, ant fumigation as well. The major ant species that you can see in Melbourne are the following:

    Brown ants

    Black Garden ants

    Argentine ants

    Coastal brown ant

    Carpenter ants

    White-footed house ants

    Bull ants

    Singapore ants

    Each of these ant species has unique characteristics, nesting sites, feeding preferences, and habits. Ant colonies are of different sizes, from a few dozen to millions, and due to their size can access your property even through the tiniest holes or cracks. Many of the pest ants live in permanent nests and rarely change their nest sites.

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    Why Should You Hire An Ant Pest Control Company?

    Controlling ants on your property in a timely manner can help you avoid a variety of problems. Here are a few reasons why you should hire ant pest treatment for your home or business:

    1. Some ants are poisonous, and their bites can cause excruciating pain.
    2. Ant bites are notorious for causing acute, localized pain.
    3. Food and livestock products can be contaminated by little ants.
    4. If their facilities have invasive ants, export enterprises may need to go through extra measures.
    5. Some ant species attack wooden furniture, clothing, and personal belongings, causing costly damage.
    6. Lack of timely ant treatment on your Melbourne property can result in rapid ant colony growth, as well as other pest and infestation issues.
    7. Whether you have a household or business property, ants make it look unclean, and people may find it unwelcoming.
    8. Bull ant bites are extremely painful and might feel like 200 bee stings all at once. As soon as you notice these sociable insects on your property, contact Hilux Pest Control in Northcote for a 100% guaranteed ant control service.
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